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Published: 06th April 2010
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Many people spend lots of money on expensive designer handbags, branded sunglasses and many more things. If you have all those things placing in your closet that you don't plan on wearing, Why not make a bit of extra cash by selling your unwanted designer goods with You have designer accessories gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe, just sell designer handbags or sell couture accessories and make some more money. Use the money in paying some bills or in shopping some new products. provides the service of selling of used accessories. It makes the task of selling used accessories so much easier. Just take a chance to sell your luxury items and you will find the whole process takes just few steps only. Finally you will get your cash for couture goods that you sell. To sell your goods there is no such specific list to mention; you can sell designer handbags, sunglasses, watches or sell couture accessories. Only that you sell your luxury item that you are not going to use any more.

At, the first thing you are required is to do the registration in our site which is free. Following that you have to give your detail information and proper pictures of your luxury item you want to sell, besides that your contact information. After sending us your information you will get a mail from Epkin within 24 hrs providing you the potential offer.

When we receive your old designer goods, we will inspect and verify its authenticity. After that we will notify you by email with our actual offer. Our actual offer and cash payout will generally be in the range of our first estimated offer unless any defects are discovered. Then it is upon you to decide whether to sell or not. If you go for selling your goods, you will receive payment via cheque within 3-5 business days, or PayPal instantly. And if you prefer not to sell after reviewing our offer, we will return your goods to you at our expense.

Epkin personally check the authenticity of items that are to be sold. So, be sure to send us your authentic items only. Here, we research all items authenticity and its price point thoroughly. If our research proves that an item is not authentic then the item will be returned immediately at the seller's expense. reserves the right not to accept items that do not meet the standards required. Send your enquiry to us now, with required pictures and we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if we can sell your designer handbags or luxury goods.

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